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AAADM Certification

AAADM certification is a certification that FDC offers to established service technicians and needs to be renewed to remain current.

  • Initial certification only last 2 years (Calendar years)
  • AAADM sends renewal letter via email to the address provided at time of certification training. It is usually sent out the first week of January.  If renewal letter has not been sent AAADM certified tech needs to contact AAADM at 216-241-7333 (ask to speak with Julie). BEFORE THE END OF JANUARY
  • Renewal is approximately $15.00 sent to AAADM following renewal letter instruction.
  • Once renewed it is valid for 5-years.
  • If AAADM certified tech forgets to renew they HAVE to recert by re-taking AAADM course offered by Door Controls or another authorized trainer.
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