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Box Sale Proposals

Most of the time when a customer calls for a price on parts a simple email with the part number and price will do.  In rare instances the customer may request a formal quote.  On small items you may follow the steps below.


Find the customer record in SME if they are an existing customer.  If they are not, create a LEAD.
a. By starting at the customer module you can verify contact information or add the contact to the customer’s contact list if they aren’t already there.
b. Once you have the customer record ready you can choose the menu Actions > New > Proposal.
c. This populates the quote with the customer’s information.
d. If you had to create the new contact you should be able to choose them on the new proposal without affecting the customer record.


1. Start at the Details and Settings tab.
2. In the reference number put the Special Order form number or Customer PO#
3. Service Code needs to be Box Sale
4. Click on Services Proposed Tab
a. Type box Sale and Name of person requesting quote (ie – Box Sale per John Doe)
5. Click on Order Items
a. Click on Material and then Select items being ordered.
b. Click on Services, Select Freight and quote freight charges
6. Click on Rates and Assignments. Make sure that the trip charge is 0.00
7. Click [Print/Email] button and choose “Proposal Itemized Box Sale” from the top half of the menu (Print half)
a. This gives you a print preview so that you can see what you are about to send. You may also print from this screen.
8. Click [Print/Email] button and choose “Proposal Itemized Box Sale” from the lower half of the menu (Email half)
a. This will populate an email with the billing contact for the proposal’s email.
b. Click Send
9. At any time you can check the Journal tab to what has been done with the proposal so far. Each entry will say print or email next to it. Email entries show who it was sent to if you double-click on them.

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