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Box Sale Service Tickets

Creating Box Sales Service Ticket already Created

Below are the steps required to create the Box Sale Invoice when a Service Ticket has already been created.

1)Receive Box Sale form from Parts Department Supervisor
2)Open SME
3)Go to Service & Install Menu
4)Select Service Icon
5)Select Navigate Tab
6)Drop Down Box, select Go To
7)Type in Order Number

8)Go to the “Details and Settings” Tab and verify the following information:
a.Order Status Field- Select Drop Down Box and select according to the ticket type and select C-Complete.

9)Go to “Work Requested” Tab
a.Click on Services Requested Field on left side of page. This information is printed on the invoice and customer can see everything that is typed in this field.
Information to Include in this field from Box Sale Form:
*Requested By (person’s name)
*Phone Number
*Email Address
*Customer Address
*Part Number

10)Go to the “Order Items” Tab
a.Double Click on each line item to see if part was entered correctly
b.Verify Quantity Entered is Correct
c.Verify if Customer is Tax Exempt in the Tax Exempt Folder
d.If the customer is Tax Exempt, ensure “Non-Taxable” box is checked
e.If the customer is Taxable, ensure to uncheck “Non-Taxable
f.* Class Field- Change to “Box Sale”
g.Verify all information is accurate
h.Click OK

5)Go to “Taxes” Tab
a.Tax Exempt Customer- Tax Exempt is selected
b.Taxable Customer–Deselect Tax Exempt Box and ensure the correct Country Tax is Selected (i.e. Brevard Country Tax 7%)
c.Click Refresh Tax Rates Tab

6)Freight Charges:
1)NO- Move on to Step 7
2)YES- Ensure Freight matches Box Sale Form

7)Go to the “Totals” Tab
a.Verify the “Charges Column” only for accuracy
b.Trip Charge Field- Change to $0.00
c.Verify accuracy if all is correct
d. Generate Invoice

8)Select Print/Email Tab to
a.Ensure “Export to QuickBooks” Tab is checked
b.Click the drop-down box and select Service/Box Invoice (Non- Repeating)
Print (1) Copy of the Invoice and attach in the front of the Box Service Ticket with paperclip

9)Select Print/Email Tab
a.Click drop down box and select Email Service/Box Invoice (Non-Repeating)
b.Email template will display with the email address to send the invoice
c.Carbon Copy (Cc) your email address so you will receive a copy of the invoice in your email for your records of sending the invoice

10)File Invoices in A/R Black Box in alphabetical order next to file cabinets in Billing Office

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