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Box Sale w/o Service Ticket Created

  1. Receive Box Sale form from parts department
  2. Have Kelly verify the freight cost and give back to billing department
  3. Form does not have a service ticket number on it or created
  4. Open SME
  5. Go to “Service & Install” menu
  6. Select “New” icon
  7. Search for Customer using the percentage method (i.e., type percent sign % and start typing the customer name given to see if they exist already in our system from previous calls)
  8. Double click the correct customer name to create the service ticket
  9. Go to the “Details and Settings” tab and verify the following information:
    *Site information
  10. Go to the “Order Status Field” drop down bar and select C-Complete
  11. Go to the “Work Requested” tab
  12. Click on “Services Requested Field” on left side of page. This information is printed on the customer invoice and the customer can see everything typed so be careful what you write on the ticket
  13. Be sure to include the information for the person requesting the product and their email address, phone number, date requested, and items requested
  14. In the “Order Items” tab
  15. Click the “Material” tab to add material part number
  16. Double click the correct part number from the drop down list
  17. Change “Class Field” to state “Box Sale”
  18. Enter Quantity
  19. Verify if customer is tax exempt, if not tax exempt, make sure the non-taxable box is unselected
  20. Click “OK” if all information entered is accurate
  21. Go to the “Taxes” Tab
  22. If customer if tax exempt, click the tax exempt box, if not, enter in the tax rate (based on the county the work is being done in; google address if not sure on county) for the proper county
  23. Freight Charges: freight charges will be added to the “Service” tab
  24. Click on “New” to add new item, and lookup FDC Freight as the item; double click on item name to open up details page
  25. Add freight cost to the “Price” column
  26. Go to the “Totals” tab and make sure the freight, sales tax and material cost is correct; make sure the total all together matches the form
    *If totals are not correct, go back to the “Order Items” tab and double click on each item to ensure the information was entered correctly and ensure all are marked as taxable, not tax exempt. Then go to the “Taxes” tab and make sure there is a tax code assigned
  27. If all totals match, Generate Invoice
  28. Select “Yes” when it asks if you want to jump to the invoice
  29. Print (2) black & white copies of the invoice
  30. Email the invoice to the POC listed on the form and to the billing POC
  31. File invoices in the accounts receivable bins (next to the postage machine) in alphabetical order
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