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Daily Duties: Billing

Most duties are reactive to input from customers and other personnel.  These duties can be completed by 1-2 employees as needed.

Daily priorities:

  1. Process Payments
    1. Process payment postings by date and method (CC/Check/ACH)
    2. Process email CC payments (add to daily receivables for the day it will post on CC tab)
    3. Process check deposit (add to daily receivables for today’s date on Check deposit slip)
    4. Log payments on commission tracking sheet as applicable
  2. Process new job folders – deposits and final billing
    1. Prepare AIA Documents / Progress Payments
    2. Request COI and W-9 as needed
  3. Close Job Folders upon job completion
    1. Verify materials used
    2. Prepare Warranty Letter
  4. Invoice Box Sales and Weld shop cut sheets
  5. Answer customer / colleague query emails
  6. Collections (up to 1 hour)
  7. Filing (up to 1 hour)
  8. Release of Lien letters as instructed (notaries include Denise S.)


As appropriate:

  1. Answer phones, take service calls, cc payments and customer queries
  2. 30 mins filing per day


Actions by date:

  1. 1st of the month – Maintenance contract billing (tracked in folders and on “Maintenance Contract and Billing Master” found here: N:\Billing\Maintenance)
  2. 10th of the month – Begin Contract Billing (follows monthly sales meeting. List of jobs to bill comes from Kelly)
  3. 20th of the month – Storage Lot billing (tracked in folder and on “Storage Lot Invoice and Payment tracker” found here: N:\Billing\Storage Rental)



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