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Daily Duties: Install Admin

1. Timekeeping
– Print installer time sheets and have them sign off
– Process any PTO requests
– Provide paperwork to Payroll Dept.

2. Scheduling Jobs
– Check with Procurement on upcoming ETAs
– Provide ETA information to Project Mgr
– Provide written confirmation in job folder (get from MJ or customer)

3. Installation Progress Tracking
– Update Rainbow Report & SME with updates & percentages as they come in
– Enter challenges into SME to explain overages and busted budgets
– Report 100% completed jobs to Kelly & Billing w/challenges

4. Job Folder Generation
– check for ST and GH/DH approval
– check materials list for GH sign off
– enter budgeted days, hours, materials(static) and services(dynamic)
– put checklists, id tags & customer confirmation email w/re-mobilization receipt
– check project info sheet for Payment Terms & NTO Requirements

NTO Notice to Owner

– if NTO required track down NOC from contractor
– Prepare NTO and obtain whatever supporting documents
are needed to prepare & send NTO.
– if contractor cannot provide NOC, send email to saleman & cc:GH
– NTO is sent to owner listed on NOC.

5. Change Orders
– close proposal in SME – do not convert
– add lump sum change order item to SME with amount (pos or neg)
– add to budget hours, budgtask, budgserv, etc.
– distribute paperwork to proper parties

6. Closing Job Folders
– submit warranty/rebate information to mfg
– compare hours on install sheet to SME recorded hours
– enter equipment numbers into SME
– confirm manuals turned in to customer / prepare manuals for delivery
– confirm checklists are completed; if not make installer fill out & inform GD
– track down folders from branch offices
– after one week will close job in SME and initial formcode

7. Tool Crib Management
– provide techs access to tool crib
– update SME tool record by assigning to tech who took item
– remove ‘assigned to’ designation upon item return
– review checked out items weekly to make sure they’re returned

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