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Daily Duties: Procurement

Daily Schedule
7:15 Provide parts to techs and installers.
8:30 Check voicemails and Fax Machine.
8:45 Go through Inbox to get new Job Folders or Tickets and sort them by priority and task.
9:00 Start placing all purchase orders that need to be placed.
1:00 Receive all parts and place stickers on all items. Ship any packages that need to be reshipped to branches.
2:00 Update Install Dept with items that have been received or with ETAs that need to be entered.
3:30 Ensure anything that is shipping is already labeled and stacked in staging area for UPS. Run the End of Day and put sheets in the UPS Book.
4:00 Turn off fan, lights, computer and lock up all doors.

Daily Tasks
Generate POs for technicians
Place special orders for customers

Weekly Tasks
Walk the aisles replenish stock on needed items.
Thursday scheduling meeting to prepare for following week.
Prepare to stage Jobs for the following week.
Check on ETA list for items that are scheduled the following week.

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