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Daily Duties: Service Admin


• Check emails/voice mails and respond to customers
• Print time sheets and schedules for HQ techs
• Print out. Correct branch office time sheets. Email to Denise.
• Take care of any EMS tickets sent in from after hours team.
• Print out faxes and pictures of ticket to close from the other offices
• Review Service Tickets (tech updates, times, signatures, Warranty or Charge)
– Ensure customer equipment list is updated with correct information
• Pull open ticket reports daily.
• View excel reports to verify proper entry and closing of daily information.
• Close tickets through CBRE Portal (FPL)
• Schedule next days tickets accordingly.
• Send out on call EMS schedule (Thursday)
• Deliver invoiced tickets to billing daily.

Service call step by step:
• Answer phone within 3 rings.
• Ask the customer if they are a customer of ours or if they are new.
• If they are an existing customer. Verify what site they are calling from and address.
• Verify the information on the account and billing email address.
• Go into the service request and get as much info as possible including equipment location.
• Start with the date/time and who is calling followed by their phone no.
• Send the ticket to the appropriate office for scheduling.
• If they are a new customer. Send them a new customer email to make sure all the info is entered correctly.
• Verify address on google.
• Create an account with info provided.
• Make sure the zone and rates are entered.
• Email update to Kelly and Billing.

Instructions on how to review a service ticket:
1. Make sure the tech has his update input into SME.
2. Verify equipment referenced in update is in Customer Equipment list.
3. Check tech clock in times.
4. Make sure ticket is signed by the customer and tech.
5. If it’s marked warranty, make sure the warranty reason is filled out.
6. Close accordingly. Tix marked WARRANTY, MAINT or PLAT – zero out retail on labor, travel & parts. Invoice should be $0.00.
7. Email invoice to the customer.
8. Attach invoice to the ticket.

Checking the updated equipment list.
• Pull up said customer in SME
• Go to customer list.
• Go to the equipment list tab
• Verify the equipment.
• If the list needs to be updated
• Click new. Item name is- Entry gate, exit gate, Exit door, East door etc.
• Serial #
• Item number is the FDC#
• Item description is what type if equipment it is- Door king, TES, Keypad
• Save

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