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Daily Duties: Service Tech

Sign previous day’s time sheet first thing in the morning once starting shift.
Collect tickets in the morning and hit the road within 1/2 hour.

1. Time tracked through SME Mobile Tech
2. Choose SHOP at beginning of shift and clock in.
3. End SHOP and begin TRAVEL when heading to first job.
4. End TRAVEL and begin LABOR when on site.
5. End LABOR and begin TRAVEL in between jobs.
6. End TRAVEL during lunch break (required). Begin TRAVEL when resuming work.
7. End of shift Clock in to SHOP ticket and begin TRAVEL. End TRAVEL when back.
8. End TRAVEL when you get back to HQ. Anything done after this should be SHOP.
9. SHOP time target is 2.5 hours per week. This time is a non-recoverable cost.
10. Any SHOP time over 1 hour should be explained in an update on the SHOP ticket.

1. Contact customer to discuss arrival time and whether you need to meet them on site.
2. Enter update into SME with date / hours / initials / equipment ID and location
– Verify and document equipment ID information
3. Fill in description of work performed and parts utilized and pricing
4. Ensure labor, parts, trip charge and totals are filled out and add-up correctly
5. Check [ ]YES or [ ]NO on Follow Up box
6. Check “[ ]Maint [ ]Warranty [ ]Courtesy [ ]COD [ ]Charge” accordingly
– Ensure Warranty reason is completed if Warranty or Courtesy is checked
7. Ensure Make / Model / Location / FDC ID# / Serial Number are entered on ticket
8. Sign the ticket and have customer sign if available. Paperwork completed on-site.
9. If customer needs repair estimate, complete on site and give to customer
– Quote time and materials.
– Add trip charge unless they want handled during current visit.
10. Contact customer to let them know when you are leaving if they are not around.

1. Was equipment installed within past year?
2. Are we performing same service call we performed in past 90 days?

1. You must call Procurement and get a PO# for any purchases made in field.
2. You must email a photo of your receipt to with job#/tkt# on it
3. You must turn in receipt at end of your shift.

1. Return to shop and turn in service tickets.
2. Turn in any receipts with job/ticket number on them.

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