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Daily Manager Ticket Review


                This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) outlines the process for daily ticket reviews by the local branch/area service manager.

  1. Daily Ticket Reviews:
    • The service manager should conduct daily service ticket reviews before leaving the office and following the daily time sheet review and service technician morning meeting/dispatching.
  2. Review Criteria:
    • During daily ticket reviews, managers should:
      1. Verify if rates are correct on the ticket.
      2. Confirm service completion to a satisfactory state.
        • If ticket is unsatisfactory manager will hold ticket for review with the technician the following morning.
      3. Check if parts were sold; verify part information (e.g., van stock (Van#), office stock (Office location)).
      4. Ensure technicians audited the equipment list, making necessary corrections on the Site Equipment List for equipment serviced.
  1. Status Update and Ticket Submission:
    • Once the review is complete, the manager will:
      • Change the order status to its appropriate new status (see below for statuses and how they are defined and used.
      • Send the ticket to the Service Coordinator to initiate the closing process (If complete.)
        1.   Complete
          • Manager has conducted his review of the Service Order, and the ticket is ready to be closed and invoiced.
        2.   PO- Parts Ordered
          • Used by Managers to verify Technician have sent parts request via phone or email.
        3.   On Hold
          • Manager has decided to put a hold on the specific service request (Used for open ticket that is currently on credit hold or any new ticket that cannot currently be actioned)
            • An update should be made to the services performed section of the ticket in SME.
        4.   MON- Monitor
          1. The issue described by the customer is intermittent and the technician cannot identify the problem after conducting troubleshooting and system evaluation. (Should be rare and should only be in this status for 72-hours before customer follow-up).
          2. The technician is responsible for following up and turning in the completed ticket to the Service Manager for Review/Close or RAV Scheduling.
          3. The manager is responsible for ensuring technician is conducting follow-ups.


This refined SOP provides clear steps for the service manager to follow during daily ticket reviews, ensuring accuracy, resolution of issues, and a smooth transition to the closing process.

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