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Field Installation Manager

The position of Field Installation Manager exists to oversee all functions of the Field Installation Technicians (“Installers”); this includes hiring/firing responsibilities, scheduling, managing PTO requests, and working with FDC’s Service, Parts, and Fabrication Departments to coordinate FDC’s Installation Project goals. The Field Installation Manager is the first line of support for the Installation Technicians and is responsible to ensure all Installation Department goals for an Installation Project are completed prior to passing the project on to another FDC Department or the Customer.


Duties and responsibilities


  • Work with the Operations Manager and Human Resources to fill necessary positions within the Installation Department (Installation Technicians).
  • Work with the Operations Manager to perform individual evaluations for Installation Technicians, providing encouragement, direction, and discipline to employees as needed.
  • Provide insight and guidance in dealing with possible procedural deficiencies.

Training and Support

  • Work with the Operations Manager, Area Managers, and Human Resources to schedule and coordinate training for Installation Technicians as needed.
  • Perform on-site training to newly hired Installation Technicians as well as field employees requiring additional training on new or unfamiliar equipment/procedures.
  • Provide technical support to Installation Technicians.

Planning and Engineering

  • Perform site-walkthroughs and evaluations with Customers, Salesmen, and/or Project Engineer prior to project proposal and/or engineering as needed.
  • Assist in ensuring all parts necessary for Installation Projects are received and staged for Installation Technicians.
  • Review Project Drawings, Submittals, and Project Folders prior to scheduled installation dates to ensure the success of Installation Technicians.
  • Accompany Installation Technicians where necessary to ensure project scope is understood and accomplished in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Work with Operations Manager, Project Engineer, and Project/Area Managers to schedule Installation Projects.



Qualifications include:

  • Working knowledge in basic electronics and construction.
  • Minimum 4 years’ experience working in the Access Control and Automation field and minimum 2 years working for Florida Door Control of Orlando, Inc.
  • Microsoft Office proficiency.
  • Previous management experience is preferable.


Working conditions

The following duties are required while working for Florida Door Control of Orlando, Inc.

  • This position is based on an average of 40 hour work week, operating on a Monday through Friday work week.
  • This position may require overtime and after-hours work as deemed necessary and approved by the Operations Manager.
  • The Field Installation Manager may be required to attend meetings or conferences out of town when required, as well as perform job-site evaluations in remote locations.
  • Working hours are based on an 8 hour shift, beginning at 7:00 am and finishing at 3:30pm.


Physical requirements

  • Must have manual dexterity to operate equipment and tools required on the job.
  • Must be able to drive for long periods to reach job destinations.
  • Must be able to work safely with electronic devices and low voltage.
  • Must be able to use cell phone, personal computer, and office phone.
  • Must be able to work on ladders (A-frame & Straight Ladders) while working on equipment.
  • Must be able to plan for and acquire any tools necessary for tasks.
  • Must be able to occasionally lift and/or move up to 50 lbs.
  • Must be able to occasionally crouch or crawl in narrow areas.
  • Must be able to work in outdoors in weather or sun for extended periods.
  • Must be able to keep self-hydrated while working outdoors.
  • Must be able to work in personal protection equipment (goggles, gloves, vests, hardhats, boots, etc.).
  • Must be able to work within dress code (pants, steel toes, etc.).


Direct reports

All field employees of the Installation Department report to the Field Installation Manager.

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