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GSA Box Sales

Standard Operating Procedure – GSA Box Sales

This SOP is intended to clearly and concisely identify the steps required by employees to complete any given operation in a manner that is consistent with FDC standards. It will document progressive steps required in sequence that are to be followed.

To give an understanding how to close GSA box sales.


GSA Box Sales are handled differently than traditional box sales, they require more specific information that isn’t available immediately.  Documents generated when the sale is made are to be stored in your GSA folder on your desk until the products ship to the customer and we are given shipping information.

Below are the steps required to close a GSA box sale.

• Confirm UPS and Freight numbers are present – If not speak to Procurement
– GSA box sales require exact freight amount and tracking number to put onto invoice before sending to customer.
– Procurement usually adds these details to his service ticket once he acquires them.  They will transfer to invoice upon conversion.

• (if on an install) Open SME – Proposals – Confirm proposal is closed
• SME: Service – Confirm details are correct
• SME: Confirm PO number is correct and inputted
• SME: Close box sale as normal
• Email invoice to POC / Follow PO Billing Instructions
• If credit card details are provided, use cc machine
• Print out invoice and place with box sale form
• Place into clover file until payment has cleared

Note: If final price does not match PO amount you must contact the POC and inform them.


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