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GSA Sales

GSA (General Services Administration) pre-negotiates prices with us on behalf of the government.  That allows government agencies to purchase directly from us without having to go out for bid (up to a certain dollar amount).  Our GSA price is 3% below our MFC (most favored customer) price, and as such, the lowest we are allowed to go on any non-government, non-GSA proposals is MFC price.

GSA prices need to be asked for by a customer, and the customer needs to be a government agency (or working directly for one) when getting GSA pricing.  Most times, a contractor doing work for the government will be able to secure a GSA Authorization Letter from the government entity they are doing the work for.  They can submit this to us to allow us to give them GSA pricing.  Another quick way to determine if they are authorized to use GSA pricing is if they have a .gov or .mil email address.  Lastly, state and local government agencies can also use GSA.

We have to itemize materials and services on a GSA proposal.  These are listed with individual price, extended price and subtotal on the proposal page.  If we don’t have everything that the customer is requesting on GSA, we can offer the rest as open market.  A line under your itemized GSA list will state, “all other items open market” with a lump sum total amount there to make up the remainder of the contract total.  Below is an example of how that section would look on your proposal.

                        GSA Items
Item               Ea.         Qty    Ext Price

Item 1           $x.00       3       $3x.oo
Service 1      $x.00       2       $2x.oo
Service 2      $x.00       8       $8x.oo
GSA Total                           $xxx.00
        All other items open market

All GSA sales need to be marked as such in SME and reported quarterly to GSA.  Please make sure that you let the GSA administrator know about any GSA sales you do as they occur.

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