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Inclement Weather Protocol

FDC Inclement Weather Protocol


  • For Field Employees:
    • If you experience inclement weather on project site, contact Project/Area Manager for instruction on how/if to proceed.
      • If Project/Area Manager is unavailable, contact Install Dept. Manager(s).


  • For Management:
    • How hard is it raining/lightning?
      • If rain is light and lightning is non-existent can work continue through use of umbrella/pop-up canopy?
      • If rain is heavy and/or lightning in the area proceed with the steps below.
    • Check weather radar to determine duration of weather event.
      • If radar shows rain/lightning should pass over in less than 1 hour, inform Field Employees to wait out weather in vehicle and check back with management when weather subsides or if weather continues for updated instruction.
      • If radar shows rain/lightning will continue more than an hour determine if other work is available to complete on the project (interior work, do materials need to be picked up/purchased, etc.) or if it would be best to pull off the project for the day.
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