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Job Costing


Standard Operating Procedure – Job Costing of Completed Jobs

Below are the steps required to follow:

1)Receive “White” Job Folder, which is the Technicians Copy from the Install Department.
2)Retrieve the “Green” Job Folder from the “Open Jobs” filing cabinet in the Billing Office
3)Go to the Parts Department and ask the manager for a copy of their job folder
•Open Parts Department Manila Folder
•Pull ALL copies of Purchase Orders, Project Materials List and ALL papers with writing on them from
•Throw away all Duplicate copies of papers that are already included in the “Green” Billing folder
•Throw away all emails, since these are saved in each employee’s personal email and can be retrieved if needed
•ALL Documents pulled from this folder will be saved in the “Green” billing folder

4)Open “SME”
•Go to Service & Install Menu
•Select Install Tab
•Select Navigate Tab, drop down to Go To
•Find Order Number Screen will appear
•Type in the Job Number
•Click OK

Go to “Details & Settings” Tab
•Form Code Field- Enter your initials after Install Departments initials
•Click Save Tab on top of Screen

Go to “Materials” Tab
•Look at the Item#, Item Name and Item Description column
•Look at the Project Materials List provided by the Parts Department
•Use a “Yellow” Highlighter for each part found on the Project Material List
•If Part Numbers are Different but has the same description update the Project Material List with the correct FDC Part Number.
•If Part Number is not on the Project Material List, go to the “Purchase Order” Tab
•Look at Item Name, Item Num and description column to verify if part was purchased
•If part was not purchased or on the material list, put a red line through the part number on the Project Material list

Go to back to “Materials” Tab
•Look for all line items with the Item Name 9999, Misc. Material and double click on the line item.
•Go to the Cost Field zero it out, this is to ensure we are not duplicating parts already entered into SME by the A/P Department.
•If an Expediting Fee is listed on the Project Material List or in SME without a description of what charges are associated with the Expediting Fee , i.e. Freight, Material, Service
•Speak with the following departments to verify there are no Expediting Fees to Enter
•Parts Department – check with them if there were any expediting fees for freight or materials that need to be entered
•Installs Department- check with them if there were any expediting fees for expedited work that may need to be entered
•Go to “Services” Tab
•Look at the line items named FDC Install Crew, FDC Freight and FDC Mileage and ensure it shows as $0.00 Cost
•If there is a cost in either of the line items just mentioned, double click on the line item to zero it out
•Service Item Editor will open
•In the Cost Field zero it out
•Click OK
•Keep ALL Costs for Expenses and Administrative Corrections line items

Go to “Tax” Tab
•Ensure correct County Sales Tax Rate for Site Location is entered, if not update it with the correct County Tax Rate

Go to “Totals” Tab
•Look at the Cost Column
•Take the price in the Materials Field and multiply by the Order Tax rate that was listed in the Tax Tab to get the “Use Tax”
•Example: $8,812.65 X 7% = $616.89
•Other Charges Field- Ensure it shows as $0.00, if it does not edit it to $0.00

Go to “Order Items” Tab
•Click “Black” Service Tab
•Select Item Window will open
•In the “Name” Column type in Use Tax
•Once typed Click “OK” Tab
•Service Item Editor will open
•Go down to the Cost Field and type in the Use Tax just calculated in the previous step
•Click OK tab

Go to “Labor” Tab
•In this tab you will be identifying vehicle trip charges
•Look at each Techs name in the Tech Column and look at FDC’s Current Employee and Site Phone List to identify the FDC Office of the Tech
(Central, East, North, South or West office)
•Open Excel and type in each office Central East, North, South and West, this will be used to mark each time a tech from the appropriate location traveled
•Look at the Date In and Scheduled column to identify who drove together, since two techs driving together will be charged for only one trip on that day
•Once identified count how many times each Tech traveled per location and write it on the piece of paper next to the correct location
•Once you have marked how many times a tech traveled on each day next to their location multiply the number by 2 for driving to and from


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