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Job Folder Creation

Standard Operating Procedure – Job Folder Creation

This SOP is intended to clearly and concisely identify the steps required by employees to complete any given operation in a manner that is consistent with FDC standards. It will document progressive steps required in sequence that are to be followed.

To give an understanding of how to create a job folder

Below are the steps required:

•Receive basic job information from Installation department
•Add ‘Job Payment form’
•Add to form: Salesperson/Quote or PO number / Installation number (as per tab)
•Verify all billing details and confirm billing emails
•Email Kelly – Subject line: Job number and name – Body: Billing information
•SME: Confirm PO number is correct
•File in cabinet pending confirmation email from Kelly

Email Received

•Print out email and place in folder
•Review all invoicing/billing detail, look for any restrictions
•SME: Work Order tab: Close like a service ticket (Lump sum)
•SME: Generate Invoice: Click ‘clear all’ then ‘Ok’
•SME: Invoice: Write down invoice number on the ‘Payment form’
•SME: Install job: Left side, bottom: Add Job number & full invoice amount
•SME: Order Items tab: Click ‘hide’ on everything except the lump sum amount
•SME: Send lump sum invoice to customer
•Print 2 x copies of invoice and place in the folder
•Put folder in filling cabinet ‘Hold’

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