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Lien Request Forms from Contractors

Lien Request Forms from Contractors


All work contracted with a General Contractor will require progress waivers or lien releases in exchange for payments.

There are (2) different types of waivers that contractors will request:

*Conditional waivers – for progress payments throughout the project—these will specify a dollar amount on the waiver through a particular date.

*Unconditional waivers – these will be final waivers upon completion of the project and will be for $0 with no through date – this is because they are stating that all monies due for the entirety of the project has been paid.

When contractors request a waiver/release, they will normally send a copy of the check along with the request. For progress waivers/releases, a copy is not required, but preferred.

Final waivers cannot be provided without final payment having been received or a copy of the check provided, including the retainage owed. Any final waiver provided is legally binding and states that we have been paid in full for the project. If we have not been paid in full, or not been provided documentation showing payment in full to be sent upon trade of waiver, a final waiver cannot be provided unless otherwise specified by Kelly.

When receiving a request for a progress waiver/lien release, always first check to make sure that the dollar amount on the waiver is accurate for the time frame they are requesting the waiver through.

IE – if they send a waiver stating they are paying $19,200 through 5-31-24, verify the only monies they have due through the date of 5-31-24 is $19,200. If they have an invoice for $5,500 from March still open and an invoice in May for $19,200, the waiver must reflect that they will be paying the full amount of $24,700 through the date of 5-31-24 or it means our business could be shorted money on this job.

Never have a waiver signed and notarized if the amount due on the waiver does not match the amount due, unless otherwise authorized by Kelly to do so.

Once you have verified that the waiver is correct with it’s amount and through date, give to Kelly to sign as the authorized agent for the company and have notarized by either Holly, Scott, or any other notary on staff.

Scan and send back to contractor as requested. If they need the original copy, make a copy of the original for our file copy and mail the original to the contractor’s requested address.

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