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Mobile Tech

Mobile Tech is the time tracking tool used by all FDC field employees. Here are step by step instructions on how to set up and use the software.

 Set Up

Mobile Tech is best experienced in Google Chrome. Please have Chrome installed on your phone. If this is the first time Mobile Tech is being used on the phone skip to step 2.

# Clear cookies and cache in Chrome settings menu
# Go to
# Log in with your username and password
# Save to your home screen for easy reference

 Recording Time

Mobile Tech substitutes for a time card. That means it is up to the technician to accurately record all time they expect to be paid for through the app. If you experience technical issues with the app while trying to update, you may call in to the service department for assistance.

# Upon first log in, go to FILTER button and choose MY ORDERS
# Search for “Shop” or your ticket number in the search bar
# Click “Time In/Out” button in lower left of screen
# Choose Labor Type from the drop down (TRAVEL while traveling, SHOP while at office, Labor while on site, etc.)
# Go to Notes tab, Service Requested is what was called in, Service Performed is where you drop your updated (Updates to be in the following format: “[Date] [Hrs] [Tech] [EquipID] – text of update”)
# Once update is entered, go back to DETAILS tab and choose status of REVIEW
# Save changes

Info graphic instructions available from service department upon request

 Types of Time

Tech/Installer Labor: Chargeable labor done on-site as part of an install or service call
FDC Travel: Travel time that is not chargeable to the customer but is paid time to the employee
SHOP: Shop time is time spent in shop gather parts or doing other tasks.
Any SHOP time over an hour requires an update under Work Performed explaining what work was being accomplished.
Administration: Time spent by a manager reviewing a job, collecting permits, or other Non-chargeable time
Sales Evaluation: Time spent by a manager collecting information for a salesperson

 When To Use Each Labor Type

TECH LABOR: ”Log in to a service ticket or install and choose TECH LABOR as labor type. Uses are:”
#Use when working on-site on a ticket or job number
#Use when working in shop on a service ticket or install

SHOP LABOR: ”Log in to SHOP TICKET and choose SHOP LABOR as labor type. Uses are:”
#Collecting parts in morning
#Morning meetings
#Cleaning/organizing shop
#Administrative duties

TRAVEL LABOR: ”Log in to service ticket or install and choose TRAVEL LABOR as labor type. Uses are:”
#Any time tech travels to a job site


App is unresponsive
* You may have poor signal. Check phone for signal strength or move to another open location to see if this helps.

Service Department is not getting my updates
* Are you changing status to REVIEW following your update? Are you SAVING changes made with the SAVE button?

App will not open
* This could be an issue with the phone. Try rebooting phone.

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