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Online Banking Deposits

Standard Operating Procedure – Online Banking Deposits

1)Receive Checks, Deposit Slip and Invoices from the Billing Department

2)Log Into Online Banking

3)Click Login

4)Click Create New Deposit

5)DO NOT Erase any information that populates
•1st Comment Field- Enter Date of Deposit
•Number of Items (inc. deposit) Field- Enter Number of Checks, including the Deposit Slip.
(Example if there are 5 checks and 1 deposit slip you would enter 6)
•Declared amount ($) Field- Enter Declared Amount from Deposit Slip Total
•Click Start Capture Tab

6)Click All – This will allow you to see all checks depositing

7)Run Checks one by one in Digital Express Machine with the check facing you
•Error- If an error comes up that means the machine cannot read the check clearly it will show up in “Red”.
•Double Click line and Edit Item and Edit Item Screen will open
•Verify information on screen which shows up in red and make any changes that maybe needed (i.e. routing#, account#, T/C check#, Amount)

8)After running all checks through machine ensure/verify balance difference shows as $0.00 in “Green”.

9)Click Save after verifying all is accurate

10)Click Complete Tab once Deposit is Cleared

11)Give Kelly the Invoices, Checks and Deposit Slip once Online Banking is complete

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