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Opening a Service Ticket

Opening a Service Ticket

Below is a list of the information required to open a service ticket

General Information

  • Name of site
  • Name of person calling in (Check that they are in the Customer Contacts List)
  • Contact number for that person
  • Confirm the billing email address
  • Availability or restrictions


  • What is the problem?
  • Confirm if it’s a Gate or Door
  • Entrance/Exit/Side Gate – Anything to pinpoint its location
  • Is there any power?
  • Are there any obstructions?
  • Do you hear any alarms? – If so, what does the alarm say?
  • Can you smell any burning?
  • Has there been any impact to the unit?

What do we work on?


Gates & Doors – Are they automated? Do they move on their own? – YES
If they require input force from a human – NO
Garage doors – NO
Roll up doors – including shutters for stores – NO
Fencing – Chain link or garden fencing – NO
Work on internal boat doors – NO (no insurance for that)
Telephone entries – YES
Access Control – Yes
CCTV – Yes

(Mostly found at private residences)

Mighty Mule – NO
Patriot – NO
Apollo – NO
Digi gate Access – NO
Aleko – NO

Liftmaster – YES
Chamberlain – YES
Nabco – YES
Doorking – YES



When a customer calls in, it is important to make sure we collect enough information to prepare the tech to be able to prepare and speak to the customer intelligently.  Below is the script you should follow to ensure that you keep the customer record up to date in the database, and prepare the tech for his conversation with the customer.


Thank you for calling FDC, this is ________ how may I help you?
Customer Responds

OK, are you a new or existing customer and is today’s call in reference to service on existing equipment or the installation of new equipment?
By referring to the customer as new or existing, you are establishing them as a customer already and strengthening the relationship immediately.



OK, I just need to quickly take some information down.


Record site name, site address, site contact, phone, email


Record billing name, billing address, billing contact, phone, email




I just need to verify some information first.  Is the site address (siteAddress)?


And what is your name?

Enter info into or find in the contact list.


And are you authorized to place this call today?


And is (billName) at (billAddress) still the billing contact?


I have a billing email of (billEmail), is this still the correct place to send the invoice?




OK, I will take down some information and send it to the representative for your area (salesperson).  Once I have the information typed up I will try to transfer you.  For your records, their contact info is (salesperson info).


Type email to salesperson.  Transfer customer and tell salesperson who it is if they pick up.  We want salesperson prepared to make a good first impression.



If you are not in the Service Dept then transfer customer at this time.  Otherwise proceed as outlined below.


OK, what seems to be the issue?

 (make sure to get as many details as possible)

Ex: What is it doing/not doing?

Open won’t close, close won’t open?

Works w/Keypad but not remote?


What is the make/model and where is the equipment located on your site?

Important to get make/model/location so that tech works on right equipment.


We can have a tech out to you on _____, does that work for you?


Are there any special safety requirements we should know about when attending your site?

OK, thank you for calling and if there is anything else you need, please feel free to call us back.

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