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Ordering Parts

Placing an Order

1. In SME go to the Inventory Module and select Purchase Orders. You will then select (New), you will then choose the Vendor for which the Purchase Order is being placed.
a. Reference Line insert Ticket/Job Number and the customer name. RMA# will also go in this area if this is a RMA.
b. Select requestor’s name in the Requested By Field.
c. Class (Refer to the list of vendors that are Use Tax Paid and if applicable type Use Tax Paid in this field. If not leave blank)

2. In the P.O. Items Tab select New. A Pop-up window will appear.
a. Select the “I” icon
b. Select the item you are ordering from the viewer and adjust the quantity
c. Click Save
d. In upper right corner click [Print/Email] button and select “Purchase Order-Items Grouped”
e. Print report and bring to Ownership for sign off (Glenn/Kelly)
f. Send to vendor through proper channels outlined in the Vendor record in SME (email/fax/website/etc.)
g. File PO in drawer until items received

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