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Pre-Job Briefings

FDC Pre-Job Briefings

Below is the outline regarding FDC’s procedure for Pre-Job Briefings on Installation Projects.

  1. Establish regularly scheduled weekly conference call between Salesman, Project/Service/Branch Manager, and Installation Department.
    • Call scheduled for same day and time each week to review all projects received since previous call.
  2. Briefing Procedure:
    • Once approved by Glenn H., INSTALLATION DEPARTMENT conducts initial review, determines who will manage the Project, and sends Job Folder to PROJECT/SERVICE/AREA MANAGER and SALESMAN
    • PROJECT/SERVICE/AREA MANAGER conduct review of Project Folder prior to weekly Project Call notating any questions, comments, or concerns they may have.
    • During weekly Project Call PROJECT/SERVICE/AREA MANAGER goes line-by-line through their list of questions, comments, and concerns with the SALESMAN receiving answers and/or direction until each item is covered.
      • At the end of the call the hope is that everything has been answered and/or addressed and everyone is happy.
        • In the event there are outstanding issues/concerns those items will be delegated by the INSTALLATION DEPARTMENT to the SALESMAN and/or PROJECT/SERVICE/AREA MANAGER to resolve and will be readdressed during the following week’s Project Call.
          • This will continue until all items are resolved or until other arrangements are made
  3. Once the briefing is completed and all items are resolved the Project will be released for processing and distribution – as necessary.
    • If a deposit is required, the folder will be delivered to the Billing Department for invoicing and all other folders will be held until the deposit is received.
    • If no deposit is required, all folders will be distributed to their appropriate departments.
  4. Once parts have been ordered and ETAs are received, the project will be placed on the schedule.
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