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Processing Credit Card Payments Made by Email

Processing Credit Card Payments Made by Email:

  1. Receive email for credit card payment
  2. Locate Invoice Number being paid and look up in SME to verify invoice is still open
  3. Pull physical invoice from accounts receivable bins on small cabinet by window
    Note: If you cannot locate the invoice number on the payment, try looking up by customer name or by payment amount in SME
  4. Each system will have different instructions on how to access the information so follow the email specific steps given in the body of the email to retrieve the payment information
  5. Grab credit card machine from bookshelf where it is housed (the one with the postage machine, next to the accounts receivable bins)
  6. Press the big button on the side to wake up the machine
  7. Enter you personalized 4-digit code that was setup during training upon first usage of credit card machine (this helps track who is processing what payments in case there are ever any questions or concerns that arise)
  8. Press “Phone Sale” option listed along bottom of screen
  9. Follow all prompts on machine, which will be:
    *Enter amount being paid
    *Enter billing zip code (if known, if not known, you may skip)
    *Enter billing street address number (if known, if not known, you may skip)
    *Enter credit card number
    *Enter credit card expiration date in 2-digit month and 2-digit year form (i.e. for May 2024 you would put 05/24)
    *Enter security code (most will be a 3-digit code on the back of the card, American Express will be a 4-digit code on the front of the card); (if known, if not known, you may skip)
  10. Press “Next” to run the card
  11. A receipt will automatically print once card has been processed, but a receipt can still be sent to the customer if requested by email or text
    *Select “More Options”
    *Select “Email” or “Text” depending on how customer requested receipt copy
    *Enter email address or phone number and select “Done” to send
  12. Attach credit card receipt by paperclip to invoice and invoice copy and place in folder labeled “C.C. Payments” in the front of the accounts receivable bins to for holding until payment is processed (will be pulled by accounts payable for finalizing once processed)
  13. Press “Circle” button along bottom of screen to bring machine back to home screen
  14. Press the big side button on machine again to lock screen and put into rest mode
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