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Project Engineer

The position of Project Engineer exists to ensure FDC’s Installation Projects are accurately and properly proposed. The Project Engineer reviews sales proposals for accuracy, facilitates in proper pre-planning; analyzing previous projects to determine inadequacies to improve for future projects. This role has fixed duties but will also require some flexibility.

Duties and responsibilities

• Thorough review of Sales Team’s Project Proposals; ensure correct labor budget, complimentary and accurate parts and materials, complete parts and materials information (vendor, pricing, and shipping information provided).
• Assist Sales Team in preparing Project Proposals for customers, including provision of detailed work scope, list of cut sheets to be included with proposal, and any necessary preliminary site drawings/sketches.
• Utilize SME database to determine appropriate labor hours for similar type projects.
• Build and maintain installation labor chart for common installation project types to facilitate quick review of simple Project Proposals and provide reference for FDC Sales Team and Management.
• Work closely with Operations Manager to design and engineer project sites utilizing site measurements, customer requests and requirements, and applicable building, life-safety, and UL requirements.
• Provide reviewed Project Proposal to CEO and License Holder for final approval and submission to Salesman.
• Perform final review of Project Proposal prior to submitting to Installation Administrator for processing and distribution.
• Utilize CAD to prepare site layouts and build sheets for Installation Projects.
• Work with Installation Administrator, Management Consultant, and Branch Managers to provide permitting documents and information, where required.
• Work with all applicable management to determine and document any inadequacies in completed Installation Projects to ensure any foreseeable issues are accounted for in future Project Proposals.


Qualifications include:
• Operational knowledge and proficiency in CAD
• Fundamental electronics knowledge
• Fundamental construction knowledge
• Previous experience working in the Access Control and Automation field
• Microsoft Office proficiency
• Proficiency in SME

Working conditions

The following duties are required while working for Florida Door Control of Orlando, Inc.

• This position is based on an average of 40 hour work week, operating on a Monday through Friday work week.
• Project Engineer may have to attend meetings or conferences out of town when required.
• Project Engineer may also need to visit Branch Offices when required.
• Working hours are based on an 8 hour shift, beginning at 7:00 am and finishing at 3:30pm.

Physical requirements

• Must be able to have manual dexterity to operate equipment and tools required on the job.
• Must be able to drive for long periods in to reach job destinations.
• Must be able to work safely with electronic devices.
• Must be able to use cell phone, personal computer, and office phone.
• Must be able to work on ladders (A-frame & Straight Ladders) while performing Site Evaluations.
• Must be able to plan ahead of time to require any tools necessary for tasks.
• Must be able to occasionally lift and/or move up to 50 lbs.
• Must be able to work in personal protection equipment (goggles, gloves, vests, hardhats, boots, etc.).
• Must be able to work within dress code (casual business attire).

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