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PTO & Sick Days

PTO Requests

To use PTO, a PTO Request form must be completed and submitted to the email address listed on the form (payroll). PTO may be taken in 2 hour increments only. The form will be reviewed by Payroll, signed if approved, and sent to employee’s immediate supervisor for final approval. Once signed off by supervisor, completed form is sent back to payroll and a copy is given to employee.

Calling in Sick

If an employee calls in sick they must make verbal contact with their immediate supervisor.
If supervisor is unable to be reached, employee may contact HQ: Payroll Dept, HR or Service Dept.
A text is acceptable ONLY IF the supervisor/HQ acknowledges the text.
Supervisors must report any sick day absences to service department so that they are aware.
Service Dept. reports any absences to Payroll Dept.

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