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Purchase Orders

 Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are a vital component in tracking expenses within the company. The PO allows us to link expenditures to a specific service ticket or new installation so that we can properly analyze profit and loss on each. By following proper PO procedures, you are helping the business process maintain an even flow.

When to request a purchase order

Purchase orders are to be requested BEFORE a purchase is made. You can request a PO# via telephone by calling the parts department. If you do not get an immediate answer, leave a detailed message including vendor and item and you will receive a return call with your PO#. You may also email the parts department to receive a PO#.

Purchase order number

Purchase order requests result in a PO#. The PO# should be recorded on the receipt for tracking purposes.


Technicians and installers are required to get receipts. Receipts are to be turned in for all expenditures with a PO# and service ticket or install number on them. As soon as an employee gets a receipt, it should be emailed to ‘receipts’ email address to ensure it is recorded. All originals are to be turned in with daily paperwork. Manager sends originals to HQ via weekly packet.

 Packing Slips

Branch managers are responsible for sending packing slips from all shipments to parts department. For more information see Packing Slips.

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