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Repair Estimates

Standard Operating Procedure – Repair Estimates


This SOP is intended for Technicians when they are on-site and customer requests a Repair Estimate. The Technician is responsible to provide a Repair Estimate at the time utilizing a Repair Estimate Form.


To provide instructions to the technicians on how to create a repair estimate to customers


Repair Estimate- Cost Approval Process

  1. $0-$1,500 -Technician can provide without approval
  2. $1,501 to $3,500 – Requires Manager Approval
  3. Requires New Equipment- Action Request form to be completed by technician after speaking with the salesperson from the region.
  • Technician is on a Service Call and identifies additional parts and labor are required to complete the repair
  • Technician will discuss with the customer that in order to repair the broken equipment they will need to provide a repair estimate with the parts and labor needed to complete the work.
  • Technician will complete FDC Repair Estimate Form per the numbered fields below:
  1. Estimate# Field- initials followed by the date. (Example- SH041921)
  2. Technician’s Name Field- Enter your full name
  3. Site Name Field- Enter the Customer Site Name from SME if possible
  4. Date Field- Enter the Date the Repair Estimate was created
  5. FDC ID# Field- FDC Tag# of equipment being repaired
  6. Make/Model- Enter the equipment being repaired
  7. Ticket# Field- Enter the Ticket you were on when the Repair Estimate was created
  8. Description of Item Field- List of itemized charges in the following order
    Labor Hours
    List all part description from SME
  1. Qty Field- Total number of items described in description of item field.
    • If the description item is labor this will be where you enter the total number of hours.
    • If the description item is trip, this is the section you where you will enter the total number of trips.
    • If the description of parts this will be where you enter the total number of parts
  1. Part# Field- Enter FDC Part Number
  1. Freight Field- If freight applies to a part add it here. This does not multiply with the Qty. Field, this is an add on charge. Please calculate total Freight per the line and enter it here.
  2. Retail Field- This is the FDC Retail Price of the Labor/Trip or Part Number
  3. Extended Retail Field- Multiply the Quantity by Retail and add Freight
  4. Description of Work Field- This block is where you can paint a word picture of the Scope of Work, also include any Customer provided work/materials and/or exclusions.
  5. Parts Field- Enter the total price of all parts above
  6. Labor Field- Enter the total price of all Labor Hours above
  1. Trip Charge Field- Enter the Total Trip/Mobilization Charges above
  1. Total Field- Total of Parts + Labor + Trip
  1. Print Line- Have Customer Print their name
  1. Signature Line- Have Customer Sign once they approve


If a Salesperson is needed because repair involves construction and other elements requiring an Install Crew, see Action Request page.



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