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Requesting Parts

Background: The Main Office Parts Department will be the lead in all matters pertaining to the ordering, tracking, maintaining, distributing, numbering and pricing of FDC parts. The FDC parts listing can be found in two formats: By Vendor and By FDC Number. The technician should contact their fellow Technicians and Area Manager prior to contacting the Main Office Parts Department with questions. The satellite office will stock and maintain on hand quantities of parts that it deems High Use items and Parts Kits for contracted maintenance to streamline the parts ordering process. Each Area Manager will maintain an accurate listing of all Parts and Parts Kits currently maintained in his/her shop. Each technician will also maintain an accurate listing of all parts currently maintained on his/her vehicle and will sign out and return all Parts Kits as needed daily. The Parts Dept supports the entire Company. They are not your personal assistants waiting for you to call so they can figure out what you need. Do your research onsite prior to contacting them.

To Order a part for a Service Request:  See Special Orders page

To Order parts for Van/Warehouse Stock:

A Parts Order Form will be used to replenish Van and Warehouse stock at the Satellite Offices. Complete the Parts Order Form and submit it to your Area Manager for approval. Once approved the form can be scanned or photographed and sent to Procurement and Carbon Copy the appropriate Service Dept Email address.

To Obtain a Purchase Order Number:

The Parts Dept will provide a PO for many reasons to obtain one you will need so basic information:
Ticket or Job Number
Site Name
Part or Parts required for immediate purchase/pick up.

*If the Parts Dept feels it is necessary Area Manager Approval may be needed prior to issuing a PO.

To Submit Parts for Repair, Core Returns or RMAs:

The FDC Repair Tag will be used to identify parts that require in house, third party or warranty repairs. The technician will ensure that the Repair Tag is filled out in its entirety then turn in the part to his/her Area Manager for return to the Parts Dept.

Every effort will be made by the technician to research and identify manufacturer’s part numbers and prices as well as FDC part numbers and prices. It is not the Parts departments function to do this research for you. If the technician has exhausted all means of finding part information the Parts department will assist.

A quarterly inventory will be conducted to validate O/H quantities and re-order parts that are needed at the Satellite Offices.

Technicians will maintain a Parts Order Form for all Parts that they are waiting for to complete a service call. Technicians will reconcile with their Area Manager at a minimum of quarterly on their Vehicle Parts Inventory.

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