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Return to Work & Light/Modified Duties

Return to Work & Light/Modified Duties

The goal of Florida Door Control of Orlando Inc, Return to Work Program is to return employees to employment at the earliest date following any injury or illness. If medical restrictions are placed upon the injured employee, temporary modified duty opportunities are to be made available to assist the injured employee return to work.

Florida Door Control of Orlando Inc will work with the medical provider and our insurance company to ensure that the employee’s return to work is in compliance with all requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and workers compensation guidelines.

Florida Door Control of Orlando Inc will provide temporary modified duty assignment, if possible, for a period of up to 2 months. Any extensions of temporary modified duty will be reviewed every 7 days thereafter if the employee shows improvement and continues to have medical restrictions modified or removed.

A reasonable attempt will be made to return the injured employee back to their original job with temporary modified duties. HR and supervisor(s) will meet to discuss potential temporary modified duty assignments and this information will be shared with FDC insurance and Works Comp. If the medical restrictions do not permit the injured employee to return to their normal job, other temporary modified duties within the company may be assigned that will meet the restrictions set by the medical provider.

Florida Door Control of Orlando Inc reserves the right to offer temporary modified duty employees any job within the organization that meets the medical restrictions set by the medical provider. Based on the business needs of the company, Florida Door Control of Orlando Inc may elect to change the working shift of any employee performing temporary modified duty. Temporary modified duty employees shall not be permitted to work overtime.

If at any time, the injured employees’ medical restrictions change, they must notify their supervisor. A copy of the new medical release form must be forwarded to HR.

Any employee that is medically unable to return to work must remain in contact with Florida Door Control of Orlando Inc and its medical insurer. The injured employee must be in contact with their supervisor on a weekly basis to update their status. Florida Door Control of Orlando Inc may ask the employee to attend a physician’s office for follow up.

What to do
If an employee has been injured or has become ill at work, the following steps will be taken after the incident.

1.The employee’s supervisor will notify FDC’s Safety Administrator. FDC will instruct the injured party as to which medical center to attend. Regional Manager’s will make the decision as to which medical center to attend in their perspective location (assisted by HQ). Health First’s Holmes Regional Medical Center is FDC’s preferred medical provider in the Melbourne area.
In the event of a serious emergency, 911 will be called and the injured employee taken to the nearest emergency medical facility. – Ideally an FDC Manager should go to the hospital with the injured party.

2.The Safety Administrator will contact FDC’s insurer/works comp as soon as possible to report the incident. A claim number is to be generated. This must be passed onto senior management and the injured party.

3.On the advice of FDC’s insurance (as of 2019) any employee involved in an accident is required to take a drugs test. The injured parties supervisor is to ensure this happens.

4.The Safety Administrator will conduct an accident investigation as soon as possible after the incident.

5.Contact the injured employee or their representative. FDC insurer will provide guidance as to how soon the injured employee or their representative should be contacted after the incident to check on their status and to show concern for their well-being. If the injured employee is hospitalized as a result of the incident, a representative of the company after consultation with FDC’s insurer, preferably the employees’ supervisor should make an attempt to visit the hospital within 24 hours to show their concern and support for the employee and/or their family.

6.If a temporary modified duty assignment has been identified which matches the medical restrictions of the injured employee and allows the injured employee to return to work, written approval from the medical provider must be obtained. A Temporary Modified Duty Assignment Letter should be sent to the injured employee notifying them of the temporary modified duty assignment that is being offered to them (see Appendix A). You must have approval from HR before sending the letter.

7.If the injured employee is going to be off work for an extended period of time, FDC should attempt to remain in weekly contact with our insurer.

8.The injured employees’ co-workers should be advised of any potential return to work date. The status of the injured employees’ medical condition should not be discussed with others so as not to violate medical privacy issues.

9.The injured employee’s supervisor will monitor the employee’s weekly job progress after they have returned to work.

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