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There are multiple types of returns when it comes to inventory. Sometimes items are returned for repair, other times they are returned for stock, or returned due to being ordered in error.

Types of returns


The most common type of return is an RMA, when an item is being returned to a vendor for repair. When returning an item for repair it is important to follow the correct steps so that there are no mix-ups or extra charges due to incomplete information. The steps to completing an RMA are as follows.

# Call vendor while on customer site to establish RMA
# Request and record an RMA#, the RMA cannot be processed without one
# Complete Repair Tag completely before sending item to HQ

 Repair Tag

The repair tag is what tells the story of an item that is being transferred to the parts department. It needs to be completed in its entirety so that the item can be processed quickly and properly. Since a lot of these returns are time-sensitive, please be sure to fill out tag completely so that there are no questions.


Return to Stock

Return to Vendor

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