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Reviewing Service Tickets

The branch manager is responsible for the quality of the service tickets being produced by his office. Tickets should be reviewed daily for spelling, accuracy, completion and neatness.

Things manager should check for when reviewing tickets:
# Legibility – encourage your staff to take pride in their penmanship. It shouldn’t be a mission to read what they wrote, nor should it our staff have to waste time trying to do so.
# Part Numbers – do the parts used have completed & accurate part numbers?
# Van/WH From? – was it recorded whether the item came from the tech’s van or from the warehouse?
# Description – can we tell what the part was?
# Serial Number – if an applicable part, was the serial number recorded?
# List Price – was accurate pricing and quantity recorded?
# Equipment ID – was the make/model/location/ID#/SN recorded for the equipment worked on?
# Tech Time – was start & stop time recorded as well as the tech’s name
# Follow Up – was the proper check box marked to let us know whether or not a return trip is needed?
# Warranty Reason – if warrantied or courtesied, was a proper reason documented?
# Signature – did customer sign & date accordingly

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