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Service Manager

Service Manager Responsibilities:
• Reviewing Service Tickets with Service Technicians before and after each call.
—Every morning review day’s Service Tickets as well as previous day’s Service Tickets.
—Reviewing Service Tickets for accuracy before submitting for processing.
—Ensuring hour totals, material totals, warranty items, etc. are correct.
• Contacting customer for additional information regarding Service Ticket, as necessary.
• When a tech cannot handle on his own, Reviewing Action Requests to determine if work requested can be accomplished through a Repair Estimate or if Sales Team involvement is necessary.
—If Sales Team involvement is required, ensure all necessary information is provided.
—Training should be provided to techs to ensure they can do repair estimates in future.
• Reviewing and preparing Repair Estimates for customer approval.
—When Service Technician prepares Repair Estimate on-site, Service Manager can review digitally prior to Service Technician providing to the customer when applicable.
—When Repair Estimate requires additional research Service Technician can hand over to Service Manager to research, complete, and submit to Customer.
—When Repair Estimate is approved, work with all pertinent departments to ensure parts and materials required are ordered/fabricated.
—Schedule completion of Repair Estimate.
• Reviewing and approving Parts/Tool Requests provided by Service Technicians.
—Review and approve/deny parts requests beyond typical or previously approved vehicle stock.
—Make sure techs are refilling vans daily with parts used the previous day.
*Ensuring this is completed by all Service Technicians each morning.
—Review and approve/deny tool requests provided by Service Technicians.
• Preparing and maintaining Excel spreadsheets.
• Engaging in ongoing educational opportunities to update job knowledge. Maintaining and expanding mechanical and technical skills.
• Ensure Service Technicians and Equipment meet performance and safety requirements.
• Support Service Technicians as questions, concerns, or feedback arises.
• Ensuring Service Technicians’ adherence to stipulated safety-related protocols.
• Managing Service staff & scheduling as well as payroll concerns for Service Technicians.
• Conducting performance and wage reviews for Service Technicians.
• Practice safe working techniques.
• Attending key meetings with members of the company.
• Create and manage problem records and tasks to document root cause, corrective actions.
• Assist Sales Team in preparing Project Proposals for customers, including provision of detailed work scope, list of cut sheets to be included with proposal, and any necessary preliminary site drawings/sketches.
• Provide insight and guidance in dealing with possible procedural deficiencies.
• Traveling to customers’ job site.
• Ensuring all power and manual tools are operated in accordance with health and safety regulations.
• Interpreting drawings, installation manuals, and instructions in order to perform duties.
• Suggesting areas where equipment should be set up and where conduits should be placed.
• Recording and maintaining stock levels for Service Vans.
• Perform on-site training to newly hired Technicians as well as Technicians requiring additional training on new or unfamiliar equipment/procedures.
—Accompanying Technicians where necessary to ensure project scope is understood and accomplished in a timely and efficient manner.
• Perform site-walkthroughs and evaluations with Customers, Salesmen, Operations Manager, and/or Installation Department Manager prior to project proposal and/or engineering as needed.
• Preparing status reports by gathering, analyzing, and summarizing relevant information.
• Identifying and developing new opportunities with clients.
• Delegating and directing service tasks, monitoring the progress of current service calls, and managing service team members to ensure the team’s objectives and goals are met.
• Assisting with or performing administrative tasks, such as ensuring tickets are ready for invoicing, processing new service calls, and tracking parts ordered or RMA’d for service tickets.
• Monitoring department issues and client complaints to create methods to lessen recurring issues.
• Auditing work and customer service to ensure the company’s high standards, efficiency, and productivity goals are met.
• Maintaining strong relationships with manufacturers, dealers, and sales representatives.
• Helping to train new employees in company procedures.
• Managing customer satisfaction. Resolving Customer complaints and frustrations. This can include:
—Building repertoire with Customers in area.
—Meeting with Customers on-site, as needed, to review repairs or further train on equipment operations.
—Verbally resolving misunderstandings or further training customer on equipment operations.
—Adjusting Service Ticket billable total when necessary due to FDC errors or inefficiency – as required.
• Handling customer complaints or concerns quickly and professionally to maintain good customer relationships and ensure repeat customers.
• Maintaining a strong working knowledge of industry regulations, restrictions, and laws, ensuring the company’s adherence to these regulations, and remaining current on the industry’s standards and new innovations, materials, tools, and processes.
• Diagnose and respond to customer support service call requests.
• Measure service performance using appropriate systems, tools, and techniques.
• Work with the Operations Manager and Human Resources to fill necessary positions within their office (Service Technicians).
• Work with the Operations Manager to perform individual evaluations for Service Technicians, providing encouragement, direction, and discipline to employees as needed.
• Work with the Operations Manager, General Manager, and Human Resources to schedule and coordinate training for Service Technicians as needed.
• Provide technical support to Service Technicians.
• Work with Installation Department to schedule Installation Projects. This will include:
—Scheduling Service Technicians to complete Installation projects in the service area, as needed.
—Reviewing Installation Projects to be completed by Service Technician with Installation Manager and Salesman, as needed.
—Reviewing Installation Projects with Service Technicians prior to scheduled installation.
• Work with Service Administrators to Scheduling, Routing, and Coordinating Service Tickets.
• Meeting with service team members to identify and resolve issues.
• Conducting post-service evaluation and identifying successful and unsuccessful service elements.
• Performing equipment demonstrations and drawing up training manuals wherever required.
• Answering telephone inquiries and assisting clients.
• Permit and Inspection submittal, processing, and coordination.
• On occasion your Department Manager, the Operations Manager, and/or the General Manager may request your assistance with a task not listed in this Job Description or outside of your normal duties in order to ensure the successful operation of FDC. Should you feel underqualified, uncomfortable, or otherwise incapable of completing the task please speak express these concerns immediately so that additional training or an alternate means of completing the task can be found.

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