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Storage of Vehicle

Storage of Vehicle

Company vehicles are to be kept secured at each office while not in use on company time. They are to be kept locked and in secured location. The exception to this rule is when there is no secure location to store vehicle. In these instances, vehicle may be taken home, however, employee is responsible for mileage and tolls incurred during their commute.

Mileage will be charged to employee at a cost of $.55 per mile between employee’s home and office. Tolls will be also be charged to employee when en route to office.

Exception: Employee is on-call. During on-call time, employee is exempt from these charges.

On Clock time begins when an employee clocks in at the workplace. Commuting to the workplace is not paid time. All employees clock out at the end of the final job of the day from workplace. Commute home is not paid time. See [ time keeping] for more information.

Vehicle GPS

GPS systems are installed on all company vehicles to help aid in productivity and safety. These units will be able to monitor and alert us to employee speed, vehicles moving w/o ignition, stolen vehicle location, monitor hard braking, monitor hard acceleration, and monitor any tampering with GPS.

Any alerts that are found to be misconduct by employee will result in verbal reprimand for first offense, written reprimand for second offense, and request for driving course on third.

Inventory Levels

It is the responsibility of the technician to be aware of inventory levels on their vans. Proper inventory prevents call backs and makes service calls profitable. Call backs take a huge cut out of profitability on service calls. All inventory levels on vans should remain below $8,000 at all times. The only exception is delivery of equipment to a job site.

Vehicle Inspections

Weekly vehicle inspections should be performed each Monday morning and completed checklist is to be emailed to FDC safety administrator.

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