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Time Keeping

 Time Keeping

Proper time keeping is imperative for accurate job costing, P&L and other vital reports that our company runs on. It is of utmost importance that our branch managers understand the fundamentals of proper time keeping, abide by them, and train their staff to do the same.

 Mobile Tech

Mobile tech is our number one tool for time tracking for field employees. It allows users to enter their time and updates directly into SME without having to call in the update to the dispatch office. It gives the user full control of their time for utmost accuracy. Time can be classified as time in SHOP, On-site Labor, Travel Time, etc., creating a management tool to improve efficiency and profitability of your branch.

See [ Mobile Tech] for detailed instructions.

 Calling Dispatch

Mobile Tech is our primary time keeping tool, and should always be used. But since it is a web-based application, there are very rare instances in where a technical difficulty may affect a technician’s ability to utilize the app. In these cases, a call to dispatch will allow the technician to convey any necessary information to the service department so that they can work together to input the update correctly. This keeps the information accurate and in real-time. However, the service department takes several phone calls per day, so every effort should be made to utilize Mobile Tech before resorting to calling dispatch. Steps to take may include; searching for better signal strength, restarting web browser (Chrome is browser of choice for this app), or possibly rebooting phone.

 Paper Time Sheets

Paper time sheets are used when a field employee does not have access to Mobile Tech. For example; a new employee starts and a smartphone is not yet available for them, a technician’s phone has been disabled and they are waiting on a replacement. These forms can be requested from the service department, and are only a temporary fix for times when a smartphone is not available.



7:00A-3:30P ”’MELBOURNE”’

7:30A-4:00P ”’JACKSONVILLE”’

8:00A-4:30P ”’TAMPA”’

8:00A-4:30P ”’MIAMI”’

8:00A-4:30P ”’ORLANDO”’

Each office has documented office hours, and an official clock-in time. It is the responsibility of the employee to make sure they clock in at the proper start time. If you or your techs arrive to work before the scheduled start time, no one is to clock in until the scheduled start time and they are ready to begin work. Any snacks, greetings, etc. should be done before the start time and not on the clock.

 Special Hours

If there are occasions where your technicians need to work outside of their normal business hours, it is mandatory to notify HQ and get approval for special hours. Scenarios may include, special requirements by the customer such as off-peak installation, or special training that you need for your techs. Please inform the Service Department of these requirements so that they can be prepared when reviewing time sheets.

Any early start times must be approved through HQ ahead of time and documented in writing.” Failure to get time approved ahead of time will result in disciplinary action.

This policy went into affect September 1, 2016 and will be strongly monitored and enforced. You will be notified if your time is off and instructed on how to do correctly. On the second occurrence the issue will be documented in the form of a policy reminder, third will be a written warning, forth may be grounds for termination.

 Pay Periods

The work week starts on a Wednesday and ends on a Tuesday. That time is paid out on the following Friday for every two week period.

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