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Types of Drug Screening

 Types of Drug Screening

There are two types of drug screening conducted by FDC. Pre-employment and Customer Required. Pre-employment is done in-house by an FDC employee. Customer required is done by a third party to allow technicians to work on certain sites (such as Power Plants, Mines, and other places requiring special safety measures).


The Pre-employment drug screen is done in-house by a member of management. A S1-Safety1st 10-panel cup is used to administer the test. The steps are as follows:

# Complete drug screening authorization form
# Open sealed package in presence of applicant and remove cup
# Hand cup to applicant informing them to fill up past the fill line and to seal lid until it ‘clicks’
# Allow applicant to fill cup in rest room
# Check temperature gauge on front of cup. If any panel is lit that indicates an acceptable temperature.
# Have applicant remove key from top of cup and insert into hole on side of cup
# Wait 3 minutes then remove green label. Each of the 10 substances should have a red line next to it (even a very faint line counts)
# If a line appears next to each substance take photograph and submit to HR.

VIDEO! Visit  to watch a short video on how to administer an on-site drug test.

If there is a case where a line does not appear next to a substance, inform applicant of the findings and give them an opportunity to admit to use or to deny and submit the sample to a lab for further analysis. If they admit guilt you may make note of it on application and part ways at this time. If they want to submit for further analysis there is a chain of custody that must be followed. All steps should be completed in front of applicant so that the specimen never leaves the sight of either party.

# Fill out Chain of Custody form completely
# Remove Container Seal sticker from Chain of Custody form
# Both Manager and applicant initial Container Seal and affix to cup
# Give applicant Donor Copy (last page) of Chain of Custody
# Put cup in clear specimen bag and seal – there are two compartments, one for cup and one for paperwork
# Put specimen bag in protective box and then put in pre-addressed FedEx bag
# Drop at nearest FedEx drop off or call in a pick up

Please call S1-Safety 1st after your first test sent to MRO … they will walk you through just to be sure!!!!!!

NOTE: You CAN NOT send a urine sample if
(1) the temperature reading is below 90 degrees or above 100 degrees
(2) If the specimen is below the required amount
(3) If they are unwilling to sign Chain of Custody.

If employee is unwilling to sign Chain of Custody – make note and send them on their way. Lab will not perform test without signature.

 VIDEO! Visit to watch a short video on how to handle a positive result.

Random or Post-Accident

Handled the same way as pre-employment, however if a positive result is yielded then HR needs to be notified to get a course of action to follow to deal with the situation.


 Reasonable Suspicion

If two or more employees suspect someone of working under the influence, the suspected employee may be asked to submit to a drug screening. The test is handled as a random.


 Customer Requested

Certain customers have required drug testing each year and assign us labs to report to. Contact FDC’s safety administrator to find out dates, times and locations of these required tests.

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