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Vehicular Incidents

Vehicular incidents are any collisions or crashes that result in damage to a company vehicle or other property. These incidents should be reported to HQ immediately and then handled in the following manor.

1. Check on employee’s condition, seek medical attention if required. Follow steps on W/C card that every employee should have on hand. For more information on reporting injuries see Injuries.

2. Report accident to HR as soon as possible (cc: Kelly). Date/time/location & details are imperative, so use Incident Report Form to ensure that no information is omitted.

3. Drug test employee immediately and send results to HR ( Make sure to always have 5 cups on hand (reorder from HR if needed).

4. Analyze employee’s company phone for evidence of texting while driving. On most Android phones, you can take a screenshot by holding down the Sleep/wake button and the volume-down button simultaneously. Report to HR whether or not evidence was found. *

5. Employee required to take 4-hour online course on his own time and turn in certificate of completion to HR within 2 weeks of accident. *
[ Online Traffic Course]

* Steps 4 and 5 may be conditional if cause of incident was clear.

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